So I have this gig next friday, and a change in another guitarists gear has ruined our balance..

I'm playing a '72 Telecaster Custom, and the other guy put Active EMGs in his Les Paul last week. Now when i need to be heard over top of him, i can't get enough "oomph" out of my single coil to really scream over top... i've tried upping my volume for those parts but it sounds kind'a stupid...

I was wondering, Do I just need an overdrive pedal? If so... I was looking at the TS9 Tube Screamer, or the Zakk Wylde Overdrive. If it means anything, we're playing some APC covers, and some originals of the same genre.
what's ur amp? what's his?

im sure if you like ur tone a micro amp, or OD will give you more "oomph"

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You can either alter your tone, or get the other guitarist to use less gain or mids or this or that or something.
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