Hey out there , I began to write this song yesterday and would be interested in your opinions if I should keep it up or not because it's kinda different to what I wrote before and I don't really know now if it's worth finishing this song ...
It's expected to get the opener of an progressive/trash album , not yet finished , after the end now i'd like to put some good heavy riff I just haven't thought of one till now so the one at riff is just for now it won't probably stay there

Thanks for your crits in advance, leave me a link to your tabs and I'll crit it back


Edit: I've changed a few things due to the Critics , here's the new version ! Song is finished now , new version is up here, the marker for next track shows the ending of the intro , the following part is some idea for a following song !
Progressive Intro (Complete).zip
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Epic!!! I love it, you could probably do it in harmonic minor (I think there was harmonic minor in it). Good luck.

PS. please pm me the final result.

PPS. I just started checking the recording section...so can I ask what does C4C mean
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I must say I throughly enjoyed that! From beginning to end, to me the song just screams Megadeth. I was to fault it and this is me being very picky is the drums they just need a tiny bit of improving, but other then that intro was great, melody was great, solos were great, pretty much a great job!

Overall 9/10 and I score heavily as well

Good job, keep em coming
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The intro was pretty good. i do like the 9/8 timesig.
Very good acoustic work.
But your leads could be better.
Same applies to the solo, not realy digging that tbh. Easyest improvment to the solo would be vibrato. But still i think the solo is boring, it just doesnt get to me.
Riff1, at first i though, well this is boring, then the 4th bar came, and that was just awsome. Still i think i would have changed the first 3 bars to something a little more interesting, like that 4th bar was. Or just simply make the drums more intense there. Or you could use two guitars and do some harmony stuff or it.
Hey, returnin' your crit here.

I love the bass in the intro. Nice unique use of time sigs. Solo fit the song quite well I thought. It could have used a more significant backing though, like the bit that comes straight after, that kinda thing. Great start to a song though - 7/10, in part because it's not my usual genre
Quote by BoogieManMKD
Epic!!! I love it, you could probably do it in harmonic minor (I think there was harmonic minor in it). Good luck.

PS. please pm me the final result.

PPS. I just started checking the recording section...so can I ask what does C4C mean

C4C means crit for crit or w/e

Basically you rate their song and all then they rate yours.
I really liked this. I agree with what a previous poster said about Megadeth, and I also hear a little Opeth in there too. I really liked the acoustic parts and the drums at the end.
I'm ****in speachless. Smells awesome like "Peace Sells" album. Just like Bad Omen Or Black Friday! I LOVE IT MAN!

EAsy 9,3/10!

Nice! Pretty dark sounding. I liked how you used B harmonic minor/ F# phyrgian w/ sharp third or what ever.
But the solo was a bit boring, it feels like it won't lead into anything, maybe too much 18th notes.
Riff 1 starts little lame but the 4th bar is just excellent. Keep it up and let me know when it's finished
Thanks for the crit
I agree with psychotim, the song is overall good and I dig the dark sounding acoustic stuff. But as psycho also said, the solo need improvement; just going up and down scales gets pretty boring fast. The different time signatures suit the song well and it has a good flow. Sorry for the short crit, but overall this was good.
Due to the critics I got here which I really appreciate i have changed the solo part by adding a part in another key signature and deleting some of the scales , those of you who moaned that were pretty right it sounded kind of boring i have to agree , I halso changed part of the drums during the solo ..

Thanks to all of you for your crits , I had never expected to be compared with some stuff of like megadeth that seems to be quite a honor to me

I'll also change the first three bars of the riff soon but I just don't have a good idea at the moment


The new version is in the first post
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Quote by Gulli05
How about uploading the file?

I'm sorry I had a few problems with getting the file into the attachment so if it was temporarily not available as I editet the post please excuse this , it should be in my earlier post now ...
i'm still trying to find something which i would change...

the solos work much better in the new version (i heard the first version), so thats all sorted. not entirely sure about riff 1 - it all works well except for the jump from 3 to 5 on the last two quavers - although the more i hear it the more it grows on me. actually no its cool, i just think im trying too hard to find something wrong!! haha just maybe sounds a little weak.

the solos might go on a little too long for me cos theres basically a solo in the intro too, but, if your looking for a decent length solo its cool.

thoughts on harmony in the solo? even just in thirds it would sound cool i think.

write the rest of it!!
Finished the Song
I Hope this is no bumping as I changed lots of things and just didn't want to open a new thread
looking forward to your opinions
Critting as I listen. Great intro. Love the hi-hat but I know that rythm is from jaws of life. It's all right though. I'd be a hypocrite if I said I didn't use it. Great distortion lead part after the intro. The little lead part did kind of ruin the mellow-ness of the acoustic bit. It does have some great licks for a solo. Great key change. Listening to midi btw. Oh **** this is epic. The next riffs are great with the harmonized PH's. Very, very, VERRRYYY, metal drums. I'm not a fan of the chordy bit after that though. Nice bass. Wasn't expecting the acoustic but it's nice. Great build up actually. Loving the leads in the whole song so far. And it's the outro already? This should be much longer. IMO it was going in the right direction to be a 25 minute epic. Is that what it's gonna be? Or did you not update the midi.

Anyways, sorry if the sentences are a bit choppy, but overall, 10/10 if it's gonna keep going in the same direction.

C4C? It's in the sig. I think you'll like it a lot from what I got from your song.