Hey there people and animals of UG!!

It's not often I start a thread but I think this one's worth it.

On Sunday my band Stealing Glimpses shot some live videos at the Noise Bar in Melbourne and since I've been on here for so long and haven't ever really shown people what my band does live, here's a chance for you all to look and tell me what you think!

so head on over to http://www.youtube.com/user/StealingGlimpses and check out what's there, there will be more on the way and early next week I should have some with a professional multitrack recording of the night, so that'll be yummy.

For the fans of louder, angrier stuff I'd reccomend 'Evangelised', whilst people who are more into atmospheric indie rock might enjoy a tatse of 'Redemption'.

Please do reply and let me know what you think and leave comments on the Youtube pages, I'll try to respond to all of them.

Thank you everyone and rock on!!
Quote by Deagle-Eyes
Like both quite a lot. You look like the guy from The Killers?

Hah! Thanks man, we decided to dress up a bit for that gig for a laugh, unfortunately you can't see Dean our bass player but he's in a fancy pants 30s gangster hat looking all sophisticated.

Glad you like the vids!