Have you ever wanted to find out how funny somthing is, well know you can with this equation i figured out in my math class, while the teacher was giving a lesson. It tells you the "lol's" per hour.

My Lawl

General Equation:
V= (P)(L)

V= Velolcity, lol's per hour
P= People
l= Lol's
T= Time in Hours
l/H= lol's per hour

Example: A stand up comic has an audiance of 2000 people. He said 25 jokes in 3 hours. Calculate the velolcity.

V= (P)(L)

V= ?
P= 2000
l= 25 lol's
V= (2000)(25)
T= 3 Hours

V= 50000

V= 16666.7 L/H

.: The stand up comic had 16666.7 lol's per hour