I am using an Ibanez RG350ex with a floyd rose style tremolo. For the past four months or so, I've been playing in drop C with Ernie Ball Power Slinkies (0.11 to 0.48) but realised that when my guitar was set up with this, the tremolo was too far sunk into the guitar. I'm thinking this is because the guitar technician wanted to get the tension right. I also compared it to a friend's Ibanez in Drop D and I found the balance of spring and string tension just right on his guitar, but mine felt a bit loose.

I've recently bought some new Not Even Slinkies (0.12 to 0.56). I'm just wondering if this is too tense for Drop C, because on tuning, however carefully i tune each string up slowly, the bridge is pulled up? Should I get lighter strings or should I perhaps adjust the spring tension (unscrewing)?

Thanks, Jamosoe
Yes adjust the springs, and the truss rod but ONLY if you know how to do that.
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I use the "Not Even Slinky" strings in D standard/Drop C and they work fine. They'll help pull the bridge back to center versus the smaller strings you have now. If it doesn't get exactly where you need it, then adjust the anchor screws in the rear cavity.
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