Hey guys i was wondering that how much does it cost to put a new tube on a tube amp?

(in pounds please. but do not mind if its in dollars becuse i could make a rough guess ocfourse)

on the seond note.

Vox AD-15VT- how long does it take before the tube runs out?

What is a preamp? Hybrid amp?

What does it mean Noise reduction: 1.?

I know these are serioesly a noob like question.

considering the Vox AD-15VT http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/vox-ad-15vt/12178

Which one is a better amp out of VOX DA-15 or Vox AD-15VT .

Guys, i like Kirk Hammett.
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Guys, i like Kirk Hammett.

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1. Tubes don't really cost much. Probably less than £20.

2. The tubes in an AD-15Vt would probably last a few years.

3. An amp is made up of two sections: A preamp and a poweramp. The preamp takes the signal from your guitar and basically gives it the sound and tone. The poweramp then amplifies this to an audible level.

4. A hybrid amp has a tube preamp and a solid-state poweramp.

5. I'm not sure what it means Noise reduction 1.

6. I can't really say as I haven't played either.

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Guys, i like Kirk Hammett.

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A hybrid amp means that an amp has tubes in it, but it's not a full tube (as in tube preamp and tube poweramp).

The noise reduction: 1 in the specs means that there are 11 kinds of effects and 1 kind of noise reduction (noise gate or something), I believe.
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