My band was recording yesterday and I was telling the guy recording us about how my guitar has trouble staying in tune and i might want to buy some locking tuners. He said that since my guitar is not real high quality, the companies use crappy flexible wood for the necks and that locking tuners probly would not help much. is this true?
What kind of guitar do you have? He said the wood was flexible.. How does flexibility affect your tuning? I can't think of any ways it would unless he's talking about your neck bowing and if that was really happening, I'm pretty sure you'd notice.
i use a modified johnson strat. its a cheap guitar($150 before i changed stuff on it) but i got it all set up right and it plays really well but doesnt stay in tune for more than 10 minutes
Consider buying a more quality guitar, seriously...a 400-500 dollar guitar is just so much better, and you won't need an upgrade for a loong time because they're not too much off the 1000 dollar + guitars.

Other than that, it's unlikely that the neck is to blame. Do consider new tuners and/or blocking the tremolo.

Also, if you use the tremolo, then it's bound to go out of tune really quickly if it's a cheap guitar.
Is it one string that goes out of tune after bending some notes? Then it may be the tuners or the tremolo, as I noticed your guitar has a Fender style bridge. If you dive bomb and it goes out of tune you'll want to make sure there is no friction for your strings at the bridge. Some people use a little bit tact. I've never have a guitar like your's so I couldn't say.

Is the whole thing going out of tune? Then I'd check how well the neck is bolted to the body. A loose screw there will cause it to go out of tune quickly. You can sometimes tell by holding the body tight and while grabbing the headstock try to flex the neck in different directions. If you hear little pops or groans then that may be the culprit. Try tightening up those screws, but make sure your neck is aligned with strings well.

If the neck was too weak then you'd have a bowed or warped neck.

Also, how old are your strings. Strings that have ball ends tend to go out of tune after they get old and the windings at the ends have had some abuse, they start to slip.
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the g and b strings go out of tune after i use the wammy bar. i think the neck is bolted on fine. I really like the way the neck feels, so i'll might swap out the plastic nut for a graphite one, and look into some locking tuners. i cant get the bridge completely flat on the body( i dont want it floating) so i'll get another tremelo spring
It's probably less about the neck and more about the cheap tuner pegs. I'll chime in with everyone else and recommend a new guitar.
A decent nut and a set of decent tuners will go a long way in keeping a guitar in tune. But many low price wammies just dont stay in tune well. And you shouldnt need any springs tighten the claw in the back of the guitar first. Might help keep it in tune some if its not floating. And putting a good neck, expensive, on a cheap guitar is a bit of a waste. As long as its straight and set right shouldnt be to much of an issue.