Hi, I got a Fender lead 3 and I love it. It's great but last week the top pick up was hanging or not hanging but it was not fasten with one of the screws and you could not get it in position. The store guy said he fixed it, he was doing somthing with a spring. But when i packed it up at home it was all lose again. I'm ****in angry!!!!

The red are is the bridge which works great.
The black is were there is gaps on both sides and it slides around.
The the screw closest to my head is the one that is all ****ed up.

Here you see what i mean

And you can't get that screw down cause when I screw it down the pickups goes down "into" the guitar". So I can't like get i straight. Cause when i get it... the screw is not inside.. and when I like just grab the guitar or somthing it falls back in >_>
He said he did fix a screw.

How Can i fix this **** ? Damn !
It looks as though the pickup height adjustment screw is missing a spring. Remove the strings, then pick guard and investigate.
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^either that or the spring is sticking on one of the threads of the screw, mine does that alot on a les paul copy I have
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yeah take of the strings and then the scratch plate dont undo the switch screws though XD then just reattac, if you can find a nut small enough out that on and it should prevent it from happening again
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Well i'm noob at guitar parts and all that stuff.. with some trixing I got the screw to fit and in the same height as the bride pickup and it sounds pretty good. Anyway ... I think i can manage.. some black tape and it looks okay..