If any of you like having a decent night out then you should come to the Exile Night at Redeemer in Leicester. It's this Saturday & will be well worth coming to, & next Sat there are live bands playing. Drinks are £1.50 up until 1:00 & there is a good selection of music played on the bottom floor.

Check out the links for more info rather than me wasting time typing what it already says on the pages.


Anyone here ever been to Redeemer in Leicester before? If you have what do you think of it compared to other rock / metal clubs? It used to be called Retribution, which was getting quite ****e & the DJing started going down hill, but Redeemer is much better with more to offer & the DJing has gone uphill to how it should have been in the first place.

Also, could some poeple tell me of some decent rock / metal clubs around & about in the U.K... as I only know of a few.
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