when your recording something with mixcraft and you add an effect to one of the tracks your using ie delay/echo on the drum track, and say there was another 2 tracks underneath this for chords and bass, do you have to add the effect to all the tracks,
this is the case for more, it seems whatever effect i apply to one part of the tune has to be on all of it.
is this the way it is or am i missing something, cheers
What are you saying? Like if you add an effect to the track, it automatically is applied to all the tracks?
If thats the case then you are probably adding global effects. Above the effects list, it will probably say global effects. Those are good for mastering effects like a limiter or a finishing eq. To add effects to individual tracks, click on the "track" tab (below the play, record, stop button area) and then add the effects.
yeah thats what i was trying to say

sweet, just had a little mess with it then and works, nice one much appreciated, thing is though , the global effects had the same effects as the way you said, is it just the way you have to do it, anyway it works fine now,