Ok guys, I have narrowed my search down to 2 amps. These 2 are in my price range and both are in stock at my local Sam Ashe. The Peavey Delta ($380.00) is actually preowned but the previous owner actually works at Sam Ashe and I know the amp was well taken care of and just had new tubes installed (JJs I believe). The Crate V50 ($399.00) is brand new.

Both amps sound incredible and I am really leaning towards the Peavey Delta, the lead guitarist in my band is telling me it's a no brainer, get the Peavey. He thinks that Crates have a bad rep for craftsmanship and I would end up having problems with it 6 months down the road. Again, as far as tone ( the most important thing to me) they both sound amazing. The only reason I even hesitate about the Peavey is the fact that it's not brand new, its about 3 years old from what the previous owner told me. I know tube amps actually sound better the more they are played but I just don't seem to have very good luck.

My band plays mainly Classic and Southern Rock with a little blues sprinkled in as well and we do gig here and there but use a PA. I just wanted some input from you guys, anyone had a chance to play or own either of these amps? Any opinions would be greatly appriciated. Thanks again.

I prefer the Delta Blues 115, but would take the 210 model over the Crate. Not that I have anything against the Crate, it's just that I have a lot of affinity for the Delta Blues. It's one of my favorite amps. It's also just about perfect for the styles of music you're playing.

Don't worry about buying used, as Peavey's are very well built. I always buy used, letting someone else pay the store's markup. That's a very good price on the amp. I'm watching one on ebay right now that's already up to $355 with a $50 shipping fee with 9 hours left.
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Get the DB.
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Yeah, I do believe I am going to go with the DB. My buddy here at work is a part time Amp Tech for Crate, Peavey and Carvin and told me to get the DB as well. Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it!
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Especially for your styles, the Peavey is spot on. If you were playing heavier things, I'd say the Crate.

Well I do also play heavier Metal as well, just not with my band. I figure an OD pedal would give me a heavier sound even with the Delta.
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Well I do also play heavier Metal as well, just not with my band. I figure an OD pedal would give me a heavier sound even with the Delta.

Yea, a bit heavier...if you need to play metal, I'd still go with the DB, but invest in a quality dirt box.
I like the crate V series of amps, but the DB is a better amp all around. I wouldn't sweat buying it used, they are built well. Go for the DB.