hi guys, i am on the verge of buying new pickups for my guitar, Ibanez S270, the pickups i have in them now arent horrible but they dont carry much strength with them and therefore the sound sometimes gets quite muffled and fuzzy
on Thomann i am planning to buy two sets of breed humbuckers, this comes out at around £100, so my question is ,is it worth spending the money for the pickups, will they make a big enough difference?

amp is a valveking 212 and although there are mixed opinions about it, it is quite a nice amp for me

as most people i play all kindas of music, most of the time it is metal, but i also do alot of things with saxaphone players and softer style of things

i chose the breed in the end because of the description of how although it is classed as a high gain pickup it is quite warm sounding and..doesnt sound like a big mosquito lol i also got told they were quite versatile which from the sound clips they seem to have a very nice rounded but strong tone to them
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lol he is the guy that convinced me to choose a set of breeds in the first place over my other options
what kind of music are you into, and tell me what type of tone you want your rhythm and lead to be.

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