I wanted to take some lessons, because there's just some stuff i want explained better and some stuff that I don't know how to do that I probably should.
So anyways, I need it to be online cos gas is expensive and I have full time work and school so...
I've seen a couple of sites..the two that stood out were fretplay (looks the best in my opinion) and sam ash music institute...<----seems kinda gimmicky to me.
I was just wondering if anybody else on here does the online thing and if anybody had any recommendations.
I don't need a completely privatized guitar tutor or anything but i would like somebody to answer my questions personally when i have a question.
You're in the right place already. The answers are here. You just need to ask the right questions. If you find someone who gives you good advice, send them a message. They might be willing to give you additional help.
...you know..i always sign up for forums without actually reviewing the site...that's a good call

hey i told you guys im the drummer
thanks tho