Poll: What time do you goto bed?
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2 1%
9 5%
59 31%
44 23%
19 10%
20 10%
26 14%
7 4%
5 or later
6 3%
Voters: 192.
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What time does the pit hit the sack? Im normally not in in bed until 3-4.
Poll on the way.
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Usually, 10:00 PM
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If college the next day, 12AM, if not, 2-3 AM.

Sometimes I go to bed at 8AM. I'm so f!cking hardcore sometimes

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around 3am since i've been on study leave but the knock on effect when i do have exams i don't get to sleep till like 1 or 2 am.

That will be the case tonight so when i'm gettng up at 6.30am i'll be knackered
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Where's the never option?

Seriously, it ranges from 1 am to 5.30 am.
It's gonna be a blue day
11:45, after Jay Leno does his opening skit.
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on a college night, about 12 or 1am.
on a non-college night, 2am sometimes.
I'm out for the count between 11:45 and 12:30, but that's because I have to wake up at eight for school, on holidays I'll be asleep between 2 and 4.
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usually around 11 on the weeknights, I have work in the mornings. It was hard to vote because my weekend sleep patterns are so arbitrary.
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1 to 4 am, or when I'm in the mood I'll skip a night, don't do that often though.
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3 or 4 on weekends
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about 10:30, as late as 2 if im feelin' crazy. seriously you guys have issues.
somewhere between 1 and 2 normally. I used to be up until 4 or 5 every night, but it finally started to wear on me
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the time I go to sleep is directly related to the time I need to wake up...

so.. I can't give you an answer!
like 11 on normal days
but since i have exams this week
like 9

and onn weekends like around 2 or 3
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10, and then watching tv untill there's nothing else but boring ****, < then i go to sleep

edit: nice, i say **** and you only see ****
usually around 2am. but it depends when i have to wake up.

during the summer 2am is usually about right, unless i have to work at like 8am or something.

during school it depends when my first class starts. if its an 8am or 9am class, im usually in bed around 12am.
nowadays, 4-5. later if i have to. im on exam leave and most of my exams are done.
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1 on the weekdays, 3-5 on the weekends. But I'm trying to do some sort of experiment on my body, i.e. I'll sleep the minute I get home (4-5 PM) and wakes up at 1-2 AM, you know, becoming nocturnal and stuff.
11pm. I pass out involuntarily at 12...probably even in the middle of having sex.
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Usually about 3:30-4:00am. Sometimes 5:00am. I really should get more sleep...
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