I'm thinking about changing my amp, to something bigger.
I've played a borrowed Hartke live and it performed brilliantly so I'm thinking about getting a Hartke myself, but theres one thing I really need to know about...

They do a load of amps with aluminium cone speakers, and they also do the VX range which have traditional paper cones...naturally the aluminium cone cabs are quite a bit more expensive than the others, so what i'd like to know is:

What are the advantages / disadvantages of aluminium cones in general?
Are the Hartke aluminium coned cabs worth the extra money?
Does anyone have any first-hand experience with Hartke cabs, if so, would you recomend them?

Thanks people!!
Apparently aluminium cones give a slightly brigther tone.

I have a 410TP Hartke cab, which is one with aluminium cones. I don't think I actually paid any more for this cab than I would have if I were to have bought one without the aluminium cones though.

I'd fully recommend a Hartke cab. They're cheaper than most cabs on the market, but still give a good tone. They're also very reliable; I've dragged mine around with me for nearly 2 years, and have had no problems so far.

But as always, try out a cab with and a cab without aluminium cones, and see which you prefer.
Aluminum speakers are generally a good deal brighter than regular speakers. I'd think that they're more durable, too, but I'm not sure. You need to try the specific amp and cab to see if you like the tone. I personally didn't like the Hartke combo I played that had aluminum an speaker. It sounded too tinny and I couldn't get a sound I liked out of it.

Hartke is a solid brand. Tone is subjective.
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I've been playing on my Hartke 115TP for almost 10 years now. I push this cab pretty hard and I've never had a single problem with it.
Mine was bollocks and blew out in a year. I hardly gigged it and always went DI when I did. Electrician who replaced the speaker said the amp been designed by an accountant i.e. make it as cheap as possible

Replaced the speaker with a Celestion and its now my backup/practice if no one has a cab I can borrow.

Oh and just for reference, it broke again, but not the speaker, was the electronics....

Then again, this was a Kickback 120 combo and having borrowed a couple of cabs I do like the sound
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I've got a 250w hartke head going into an ashdown mag210. never let me down!
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aluminum cones are brighter sounding
but i think they need more BOOM, just mater of taste
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I used to use the 410vx and the ha2500 head live and they were... i guess you could say adequate for the price. I would not recommend the vx cab series to any one though as the cab blew 2 speakers for the 2 years that i had it and thats not to good
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I've heard downright dreadful things about the VX and not much better about the aluminium. It's not a tone thing - aluminium doesn't have a HUGE difference in sound - but a reliability issue. It's kind of hit or miss with Hartke, so I would personally steer away from their cabs. Their heads are kosher though.
Anyone seen the new hydrive cabs? Apparently they combined the paper and aluminum cones so best of both worlds I guess. I haven't tried one yet though.

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