What are your favorite places to get together with friends whenever it's late at night and you have nothing better to do.

We always used to go to Denny's since breakfast was cheap. And Denny's makes for a good place to watch the late night crazy crowd.
I don't like fast food very much, so I will go with IHOP... or making food at home. I am not lazy.

If I am with friends late at night, we usually have something better to do than go out for food for the hell of it.
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Denny's is great... Dont really have late night restaurants in the UK though...
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Riley's American Snooker club

Open 24 hours at the weekend, and the bar doesn't stop serving alochol until 3am!
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Oh, and the bowling alley. Closes at 1AM, which is awesome.

we have a bowling alley that doesnt close! its awesome. nothing like bowling at 3am.
abbrakebabra... people in ireland will know what im talking about!

That place is ****ing rough man!
There kebabs are fairly decent.

I usually go to the local chinise with my mates.. but its usually after a session.
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Not that I often eat late but there's an all you can eat chinese food place in my town thatserves pretty late.
However the latest I've eaten was in Stoke (on trent) where me and a friend had playe dpoker with someone, he left, we played GTA4 til the wee hours and at 3am we were hungry so we went to this place (open late due to being right next to a uni, which happened to have it's "summer ball" that night) and got ourselves some burgers and fries, not bad, 'cept we had some guys giving us the "We'll knock your block off" eye, however our food was done before theirs
There's a local diner that's open 24/7. I always get a bacon cheeseburger there.

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