I don't know if this is the right place for this or not...

I have a bunch of poems/lyrics that I was trying to organize into a concept album of some sort. I don't know that I'm going to have the time in order to accomplish that so it was recently suggested that I compile them into a book. It would basically be a bunch of poems that all carry the same theme or story line arranged in chronological order.

My only problem is that it wouldn't really read like a book because the works are in various formats and meters. So, what I was wondering is if anyone had ever heard of something like this before, and if anyone thinks it's a good idea. Also, can anyone recommend me an literary work like the one I'm proposing so I can see how it would read?

Thanks in advance.
Yeah, it works. It'd probably all the more cohesive if the pieces were similalr, if you were going for a concept book, i not I'd sya it's more of an anthology with similar meanings.

The only poet I've read with a book like that is Simon Armitage - his "Book of Matches" has lots of short poems, but the trick is they are all just trying to find an answer, some sort of sprk, and the wording and flow of each piece is quite start-stop, like flicking a match.

But yeah, I'd say go for it.