I kinda wanted the DK2M but this seems like a really good deal. I can also try it and pick it up since it's in my area. The only thing that worries me is the missing middle pickup.

Going for $400! With OFR and Evo's and Superdistortion!



But being really picky I still want trans black and maple fretboard
go for it man, if you try it out and cant leave without it.. buy it
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Those DK2s are worth around $300 on the open market. I would say $400 at most for the ebay one with the mods. The one lacks a middle pickup which hurts the deal, and the other looks kind of dirty and the finish on the trem made be faded. I would not be shocked if the one on CL may have a cheap Ping trem due to the fact he does not show the lower part of it where the ping stamp on it. I wouldn't pay over $350 for it. Mods do not add much at all to the value of an instrument.
400 sounds ok. I wouldnt pay more.
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