Okay, so Iv'e owned a guitar for about 7yrs now(not played!) I got it, learned for about a year and then got a girlfreind who didn't like all the attention not going to her. Well I regreted it ever since and now am playing again. I play an hour every night for sure and whenever else I can. Just curius on everyones progress. How long did it take you to start playing pretty well (i.e. Playing a good variety of songs all the way through, Hendrix, mettallica, Sabbath, Beatles, SRV) I'm still trying to get to where I was after a year. Been back at it for a couple of months. Thanx.Long post.sorry.
I think it took me about six months. I learned mainly chord strumming church songs and then learned songs with powerchords by Green Day and Linkin Park.
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been playing for about 6 months. still pretty much a novice though. i guess i'm just a slow learner for music. but i'm enjoying every minute of the process
I was probably playing a year when I could play a song all the way through. But harder stuff like hendrix and SRV was a little further down the road. Just keep trying and you will get there.