I am looking for a good bridge pickup to play shred. I am planning on getting a new ibanez and replacing the bridge pickup with something more suiting because the guitar I plan on getting apparently does not have good stock pickups. I was thinking passive DiMarzio pickups, with something like the following specs...
Treble: High
Mids: medium-high
Lows: low

If anyone off hand knows any Dimarzio pickups that have charictaristics like this, or perhaps some Duncans, I would appreciate if you would help me out, thanks.
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Well try out the pick-ups when you get the guitar, you may like them even though others don't.

That being said, I really enjoy the Evo's from dimarzio. They have the sound specs you are looking for. They are mega sensitive so they sound ****ty if you are sloppy. I DONT usually recommend these pick-ups to everyone, but high treble shred is what the evos are(in my opinion).

and play the guitar first, you might find you like the stock pickups. You don't change pickups based on what everyone else says, you change pickups based on your own assessment of your tone and what's lacking. Even if something is lacking a pickup change might not be the answer.
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tonezone might suit you but theres a pickup finder thing on their website

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For high treble, I'd say an Evo, but then again, go with what Steven says first, try the guitar out through your amp first, you may like it.

Which Ibanez is it? Body type would be a help. I've got an S Series with an Evo in the bridge and a Breed in the neck, very nice.
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