My girlfriends birthday is soon, and i'm planning to buy concert tickets. I know she will like either of these shows...

The first one is REM, with guests Modest Mouse and The National. (I haven't heard of the last 2 - anyone know if they put on a good show?)

The other is Rain, The Beatles Experience .. I haven't heard a whole lot about them, but I've always just thought it wouldn't be great since it's a cover band, although i do remember her saying she'd like to go see them - maybe that was a hint!

Which do you think I should go with? I thought about getting tickets to both, but I don't think I can afford it.
R.E.M, she'll love it
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If she mentioned she'd like to see the latter, then definitely book tickets for that. It's a safe bet.
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Modest Mouse was good (before they sold out, i.e. making appearances on Kidz Bop lololol). Go to that one.
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REM you idiot. If she doesn't like Modest Mouse, eh.
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I'd go for R.E.M

R.E.M. and the National are pretty sick and modest mouse is good too
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REM you idiot. If she doesn't like Modest Mouse, eh.


The latter, as she said she wants to see them.

Then again, REM are pretty awesome.

Does your girlfriend like REM at all?
I'd go see modest mouse, from what i've seen live isaac puts on a good show, I remember one vid where he got a knife from the audience and cut the top of his arm, then finished a song in near scream. It wasn't emo>:[ it was badass
R.E.M. are legends. The National are a fantastic band. Modest Mouse are good too. It looks like a great concert - that's definitely the one I'd pick.
REM. The National are good too. Don't give money to a covers band.
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I saw Rain and I liked it, but I'd definitely choose REM. They're living legends and Modest Mouse is a really strong support act. The National are tolerable too.
definately REM. a great band, and modest mouse is awesome too. i've never seem them but i would imagine they put on a good show
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Go see R.E.M. because if you miss them this time, you'll definitely regret it. Also, Modest Mouse is a strong supporting band.
Thanks everyone for the advice, I got tickets to both :P
I'll enjoy the REM concert more... so I'm taking her to that anyways, but the Rain tickets are for her birthday.