, wow sry , that sounds like dunno some kind of cheap rpf music , don't take that for to serious, but it also is too short to give a very detailed crit:

maybe you should add some more instrument like drums and base?
the harmonies and transitions so far are quite good , but its some kind of repetive, you should takte the theme and improve it on different instruments adding backing and stuff like this also introducing another theme or something like , not more to say by now , it's jsut very short and simple , sorry dud ,i'd say

rate 4/10 but there is potential in the lick that could be improved

please let me know if you make something out of this

Please also rate my newProgressive Metal Intro

Thanks in advance
I rather liked it...had a nice Final Fantasy vibe about it (second track today I critted that sounds like one xD). It's rather short, but the little guitar solos are nice. I'd recommend adding this as an intro to another track or an interlude, just because its too short to act on it's own and contains very little room for vocals or anything along these lines.

Also, it sounds alot better if you let the notes ring and add a tie note between the lead guitars lines

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