Pretty strange... found it while looking for seven string guitars on Google and thought I should share this with you.

Personally i would never buy this kind of guitar.
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36 fretted, seven string guitar with a dragon head body is rather intresting...
Great upperfret access.
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cool design, but id never even think about buying and/or playing it
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you'd look like quite the **** if you brought that to a gig, its a bit too much of an egoy thing for me.
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i wouldnt personally want it, but it looks quite cool, id just hope that the action could be adjusted cos damn that looks high
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is the lowest string off the neck?

i noticed that too. It sure looks like it
the action looks very high judging from what the low e looks like haha
pretty cool design, but impractical.
Quote by killerswan
is the lowest string off the neck?

It seems to be so, but it could be the angle when the photo was taken.
To have the feeling that the fretboard is it's tongue creeps me out

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I would love a guitar like that as a piece of art, or for recording purposes (36 frets?), but I wouldn't play it live.

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Actually, if I remember correctly, the 7 string is actually fretless and it is just hard to see the fretboard behind it.
both guitars in here are awesome

gulli, do you have a place where you can get that guitar? i might get it when i get the money (although that would cost a good 40k ).
Hell has a 2-for-1 deal and i'm inviting you!


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That's some awesome woodworking, and the 36 frets (THIRTY SIX FRETS?????? WHO NEEDS THAT??????) are interesting, but.......

I'm gonna have to say no
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