Hey, thanks to all those that helped me out during the punk rock thread.

Alright, i have now played both the precision, jazz, and stingray, and have decided that the stingray feels the best to me. Here is my dilemma...

I play rock, punk, and funk in various groups, jams, etc
and i am going to be in my school's Jazz band next year

What i would like to know is what variation of the stingray is the best for covering all those different styles, and still being "slap-able"

Standard, HH, or Piezo
thanks for the time and comments

Ernie Ball/Musicman Stingray HH
Schecter Model T
GK 1001RB
2 GK 4X10 GLX
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I would say the HH. Its more versatile than the other models, and is still 'slapable'. Slapping will be fine, but popping will take a bit of getting used to as there isn't much space between the neck pickup and the end of the neck.
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