Basically, I've not cleaned my bass in over a year and it is god damn dirty. My hands are actually greasy after playing it for a while. I think it's about time to clean it, but I've never cleaned it propperly. I've always just used loads of tissues and scrub a lot.

Does anyone have tips for how to clean a bass well? Any products to buy or techniques?
I'm probably not gonna do this again for a while, so I may as well do it right.
they have cleaners and such specially made for various insterments such as a bass...and cloths
i think there's a pretty good product called "fastfret" that's a fretboard cleaner and has a cloth to clean the rest with.. i don't think it's expensive.. i've been meaning to buy it for a while... i think i'm gonna go do that now actually cuz i have a lesson in 20 mins next to a guitar center..
Yeah, fast fret is cool. But that's mainly for making it easer to play and general up keep.

I guess I'll just break out the tissues and start scraping that dirt off :p