Hey, I am looking for some books on symphonic/orchestral music. I am trying to learn how to write this kind of music, what elements have to add, etc. something to learn from. I really need this cause I am trying to develop my style in a Symphonic Metal Band I am in.

Something about lyric and songwriting basics would also help a lot...

Also if you can tell me about some good book about metal, please do so.
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"melody writing and analysis" by Annie O.Warburton is really helpfull if you want to write some melodies and put words to them. It's a bit advanced though, so brush up on your theory first.
Idiots guitar to music theory is good, although most musicians know most of that stuff, so use it to brush up on that theory.
Our own theory sticky is good, but it isnt the best written thing on theory and does confuse alot of people. But its still relevant and usefull.
Thanks, I'll check these books out.

Is there no Classical/Orchestral/Symphonic Music Book, I really need one that covers mostly all of that style?