So, I'm going to be buying my Rivera head this summe,r and I'm wondering... I've heard about using your send/return FX loop to drive the preamp tubes.... in other words getting full tube tone at very low volumes......

I know I could use an attenuator to do that as well, but if I don't have to spend 300 on a hot plate, i would like to avoid it.
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I'm fairly sure you're a little confused. With some amps that have an effects loop between the pre and power amps, you can jumper the send and return to push the power section more, but it'll be louder.
The tube tone your looking for is in the power tubes. Thats what the attenuator is for. If your going to be playing at low volumes alot then you may want to rethink getting a high wattage head unit. Its easy to drive preamp tubes you turn up the gain.
No no, I'm not going to playing at low volumes very often at all actually, I was just wondering if it was possible. My friend did it on his dual rec (the jumper between the send and return) and he was getting really good tone at lower volumes...
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
what you need to do is get a clean boost and put it in the effects loop with the send at ten, then turn the return down and you should get some breakup.

wait, that actually doesn't work at all. You can't use the effects loop to get more breakup, just buy a pedal for low volumes.
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when I wanna play my Chute amp at low volumes I plug both my Chute Head and my Peavey Classic combo into the same cab, and just leave my Peavey running while playing through my Chute. I have to turn up the master volume much higher to get it as loud as it normally would be, giving me a better tone at lower volumes
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