I'm looking to buy a classical guitar.... I've have seen the C-40 recommended a few times whilst searching this forum.

Is there any better guitar for the price range? Or should I go with this one? I could possible spend a little more money, like up to £100 (yeah I'm in the UK) but it's my parents who are buying it so it's unsure.

No matter what you get just make sure the soundboard (the bit of wood with the hole in it) is made of solid wood and not a laminate.
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Doesn't sound like the top is solid. Make sure the guitar description specifies "solid" in describing the top.
It is one of the better guitar in its price range yes.
The top is certainly not solid wood, but on the other hand, you don't need solid wood. You want a guitar that sounds good, which the c40 does for the money you pay for it.
What you still want to do is to play guitars, or have them played by a clerk, in your price class and look for the difference. Some guitars are more bassy than others, some have really bad sustain, some are more muddy (wall of soundish). Pick the one that sounds good to you and which feels ok (no sharp edges, not thinfeeling etc).

Edit: My experience with the c40 is that it is quite bassy, and produces a slightly muddy dark tone. I like it, but you might not, so try to see if you can try before you buy =)
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i don't think you'll get a solid top guitar at around £100, even if it's second hand.. solid tops usually cost a lot.. i've used a yamaha c40, i play in our church.. and honestly, i don't like the feel of it's neck.. the guitar will live and stand for a long time but the neck wont.. the first few frets get abraded easily and the neck seems to warp or like twist drastically in time.. i would agree too that it sounds bassy.. well, i don't have anything against yamaha, this is just my personal experience with this guitar when i used it.. nevertheless, you might want to try it out personally.. try some alvarez, washburn, cordoba, or some higher versions of yamaha like the c70 or c80..
the cg111c is really good .. its worth it .. it has a solid cedar top which sounds really good with classical music guitar style .. it is $229.00 but its so worth it .. its better to shell out a lil more than get a crappy one and ull eventually wanna get another one .. i bought the cg111c for my brother and he loves it .. it sounds and plays really good
Not really useful to look up all guitars online (that is, unless you plan to buy it online), as quality varies from guitar to guitar as you might know, especially with low end guitars.
If you are really on that budget, the c40 is a great guitar. I own one myself which is 1.5 years old now, works fine for me and no problems with fret wear or neck bowage/ deformation. It won't get you in a musical career, but for the first year and so it will be certainly an instrument you can depend on.
If you have a bigger budget, say, 200 pound there are indeed better guitars available, most of which have a solid top. This is not a holy grail however, some guitars with solid tops are still shoddily constructed and sound worse than a similar priced laminate guitar, especially at this price range. Best way to find out is to try them out. Yamaha does have a reputation for quite constant quality as far as I know, so it's quite a safe brand to buy.

ps, there is always a better guitar just outside your budget, stick with it =)
ps2, so far i've not really seen a big difference in the yamaha c-x0 models except the finish, I would either recommend for a cg indeed or sticking with the 40 if you go yamaha.