Ok, So i've been playing guitar for about 7-8 months... I can read tab, music, chords etc. I've been playing lots of Yes, Boston, Rush, The Who, Pink Floyd... But I doesnt seem like im getting any better. I know lots of chords, I have ok finger dexterity, I know the chromatic scale, Scales, Some Modes, Advanced Tuning etc.. I dont know what to do next... Any Ideas or Thoughts that can put me on the right track? Thanks
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You could prolly start developing your technique, sweeping, tapping, legato, alternate and economy picking, developing speed, learning theory (harmony & stuff like that). That's what came to my mind first. Hope I was of some help.
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At that point I got into theory and major scale and notes on the fretboard. Notes on the fretboard was around 6 months but it made everything make sense.

After I had that, I learned 5 positions of the pentatonics and harmonic minor (I like metal, if you dont like metal or neoclassical...it's useless) Then I got into making the scales I learned more melodic and song sounding rather then scale sounding.

Then I learned some more advanced songs and solos, and started making complex songs myself.

That should keep you busy, also if you don't already...you need to have alternate picking down.
definitely learn alt. picking,

and yeah, learning the several different scales will help you as a musician,

but if you're looking to get better actually just playing, stop playing songs you can play, and find one you can, and play it over and over slowly until you can,

im not saying theory isnt important, i actually think its the most important, but it wont help you learn technique, you wont learn bends and slides and palm mutes and harmonics etc. by running through a scale

so it all depends on what you want to get better at
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