With the somewhat wildlife theme going on in le pit at the moment I thought I'd chip in and make a thread about the one and only Austin Stevens, one badass motherf*cker. I love his wildlife programmes cause they're like watching an action film, which is awesome!

Anyone else think he's the man?

Hmmm I guess not
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he's awesome... but does anyone remember Steve Leonard? HE was the bomb! he used to get the most extreme of animals and test their abilities... now HE was a badass mother****er! haven't heard of anything from him lately though, which is a shame...
Austin was amazing, unfotunatly i havent seen any new shows from him.. does anyone know if there are any new episodes or specials or atleast recent ones?
and just to state this, nigel marvin is a great person too, in real life, i've met him at a reptile show, unfortunatly he hasn't had many shows recently, except the dinosaur thing and jack hanna is an ass hole in real life, i've met him too at a lecture, he is really stuck up
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