has anyone here ever been messing around on their guitar trying to think up riffs and suddenly found something really cool and then wrote it down and made a song around it only to find out later that the riff you "wrote" is incredibly similar or almost the exact same as another song? This happens to me all the time and I've gotta say it's the most heartbreaking feeling in the world lol. It recently happened to me when I wrote a riff that sounded awesome but was incredibly like You Got Another Thing Coming and again with Spoonman by Soundgarden. This ever happen to anyone else?
Yeah, I "Wrote" that Trivium song... Something with the word Anthem in it. I dunno' I don't listen to them.
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I write stuff all the time, it sounds like something, but I dunno what. If I ever record I'm going to get a lot of lawsuits >.>

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yeah i wrote a riff which was the main riff to an all that remains song. its sucks but i think if it still has a different feel and the song is different. its still "your" riff
yeah..i came up with this really cool sounding solo..but it accidentaly turned out to be sumin similar to what petrucci plays on "home"..
i dont let these things bother me..i guess im just as good!!!lol
A lot of things I write turn out to be stuff Glenn Tipton already did.

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My band spent about 2 months working on a song I wrote and then realised it's practically identical to Given Up by Linkin Park ¬_¬.
Pretty much anything I write sounds like something without me knowing it. I think it's because the bands I listen to influence me a lot in writing and it leaks into my creativity.
I made one kinda like the intro to Metallica's 'Fade to Black'. I actually messed up playing the intro to 'One' and I thought it was cool. But then I thought, "Haven't I heard this somewhere?".
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all the riffs i come up with have already semi identical twins with Kirk Hammet's
i always sound like fvcking Metallicaa
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I wrote a song with my old band, I played it to a friend and he said the main riff sounded exactly like Forty Six and Two by Tool. I'd never even heard the song!

Ah well.
I was writing some paganish songs for me and my friends to jam on, and ended up with something that sounded so close to the main riff from "With Odin on our Side" by Amon Amarth that I had to scrap it. Writing that riff did get me into Amon Amarth though. :P

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Look up Terminal Love by The Boys.

That's how to do a ripoff in style
I used to do this before I got really confident with writing and playing guitar.

That's just my opinion...
I came to the Pit today to make this exact same thread

And yes, it happens to me every day. Most recently, I wrote Sabbaths "NIB" an octave higher, only to have my friend play the song for me.
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I keep doing stuff that Tony Iommi already did.

Because he did everything, the greedy sod.

My mate thought he'd invented the Electric Funeral riff the other day But Tony did invent absolutely loads of riffs, I've never accidently copied one though partly because I've already heard them all and partly because I am too crap to make stuff like him.
I had this really cool riff but then I found out this band called "Deep Purple" or something already did it.
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i wrote a 30 minute epic once, then i found out it was Change of Seasons...

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Yeah, the last riff in the outro to Seek and Destroy, that really awesome chugging kind of one.


I was so excited when I wrote it until a few days later I listened to Seek and Destroy again and was like "wtf?" I'd listened to it many, many times before and I guess subconsciously was just playing it in my head.
i wrote the entire Led Zeppelin IV album...then i listened to the album and realized two years of hard work and pride was thrown down the drain
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i wrote the entire Led Zeppelin IV album...then i listened to the album and realized two years of hard work and pride was thrown down the drain

Enough about Led Zeppelin. How did you feel about it?
I (thought) I wrote a really badass riff until I heard koRn- Right Now
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I wrote the guitar intro to Raining blood....on bass.....well almost anyway....
I wrote something that sounded like Shot Down In Flames - AC/DC years ago...Looking back, i was aweful...
hmm i wrote a song that sounds almost identical to master of puppets. it must have been in the back of my mind when i got the inspiration. another riff sounded like stairway to heaven. but not the same notes at all, i guess just the progression. and then there was 1 riff that sounded like dont fear the reaper.

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I've written a song called Imperium (on my blog) and the words fit the music of Dream Theater's Metropolis and Trial of Tears.

I did write the song listening to DT though.....
happens pretty frequently
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