Yeah im free falling
off the empire state building
ive been doing it since you were here

and i know that im not perfect
but you are
and you don't even know it yet

but im crazy for you girl

and when I...
look into your eyes i see straight to your soul
without you girl, this world is just too cold
so take me by the hand
and i can help you understand
how i feel

cause to me-- you're kind of a big deal

words cannot describe how i feel
im hanging on our every word
i know in my heart that this is real

my heart skips a beat
when i hear your voice
i think im in love, with you


yeah i'm free falling
off the empire state building
waiting for you to be here.
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free fallin', free free fallin'

haha jk i had to

i really liked it its very original
After "because I..." you jump straight into the chorus. It doesn't flow all too well like that. Repeating the chorus would work just fine, actually.

I like it, though.
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