an insane gut busting solo in smells like teen spirit that lifts the song to justify its airplay
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Demolition Lovers by My Chemical Romance--Sing louder and less messing up on vocals!
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a friend of mine said there should be a backing guitar behind the riff from walk by pantera

On that note, how about fixing the repetitiveness of Walk by Pantera.
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make all Beatles songs more br00talz

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On that note, how about fixing the repetitiveness of Walk by Pantera.

How about fixing the repetitiveness of the entire output of app. 50% of the bands on your band list?
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i duno, maybe give pantera another guitarist?

...or give Yngwie Malmsteen another guitarist while we're at it.
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take a verse out of stairway, it's too repetitive

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Have the heavier last part of One - Metallica last for longer cos it's so good.
The Kinks - Shangri-La

I think the first 2 verses or so are absolutely amazing, it just goes a bit downhill after that in my opinion.
To Pikka Bird:
That list needs to be updated anyway, if you even actually looked at it.
Sting - Don't Stand So Close To Me

Beautiful song.. chorus sucks.
They tried to change it themselves... but even in the second version of the song, the chorus spoiled the song.
Tickle me.