I've decided to not buy a guitar, and make one. I'm getting parts off Warmoth, and this is what I have so far.

Soloist Body SL109 - $180

Jackson Neck MN836 - $319

I think the neck is quite pricey, is it worth it, I really like it, but I was thinking maybe get a plain neck, and cut my own Jackson style neck?

Also, tips on pickups.. I play metal mostly, and clean tones.

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Ive heard some bad and some good about Warmoth necks, like how they don't dress the frets and one or two said it began to take a purple tinge or something weird like that. Those that were happy with theirs loved them though.
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well, im guessing the tint is the finish? you can get several different finishes, or leave it "raw".
Dressing the frets isnt such a big. Many companies putting out complete guitars dont bother anymore unless you spend some decent cash. The 1 I bought needed only the slightest of dressing. I cant say anything bad about the neck I bought. You get what you pay for. The frets are high quality Im really hard on nickel frets and these are holding up. I do like the progressive fret radius. Didnt notice anything odd about the tint of the wood. 319 is alot but Im gonna imagine you got alot of extras on that neck. The side adjuster truss rod is a nice feature, I cant use it as Im a lefty. Being able to get what you want is nice not needing to settle for what most places have to offer.