Fear of the harp. Damn, I'm cheap but yeah that was pretty cool
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It's magic magic baby!

That was br00tals.

No really, I liked it.
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PlayMadness, you give me hope for mankind.

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PlayMadness - Jesus 2.0

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That's really impressive, I like it.
I always imagined harps being played by girls though..
im the only combo starter here.

thats awesome. harps are cool. this girl at a beta club convention rocked one, but my cell phone made the video crappy.

Edit: Holy hell, check out the trooper
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I like it.
I like 'The Trooper' one the guy does even better though
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I love the trooper version
Still awaiting his invitation to the coalition of intelligent pit users....

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Lets go ride our bikes
This really translates over well. I suppose most of the extremely melodic Maiden tunes would carry well over to a harp.
While looking at a guitar magazine with some friends.

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DUDE! Is that a Mel Gibson?!

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Very nice.
I want a harp.
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He really has an "I'm far better than you at everything mwahahahaha" look on his face doesn't he...

I think its more of an effort not to start laughing, but even if it is, who cares? The man is a machine.