how do u get two guitars playing at once but different parts?
i cant figure it out...
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Click 'Section' in the top bar and then click 'attach staff'. You'll see the option to place the new section either above, below or the in the centre of your curent tabs. You must also make sure that a guitarIn has been placed in the appropriate bars.
thanks bot thats not what i was trying to figure out.
i want two guitars to play at the same time
Oh sorry. Click Gtr In or go to 'Guitar' in the top bar and then you'll see a box that has one guitar when you first open the program. You can add more guitars in the edit box (This can be done by clicking on the little red guitar picture near the top or by clicking on 'Guitar' in the top bar and then clicking 'setup'. This gives you the option to add up to seven guitars, just place the cursor over the different minature boxes to get a brief description) This particular box should have two guitars in it after you add another one and so you can now tick the little box to the right of the guitars that have created. This then adds them to the staffs that you have decided to place them in. The 'Help' option taught me most of these thigns if that helps, I know my explaination isn't very discernable.