I know there is an "ultimate 5150/6505" thread SOMEWHERE, but i searched and couldnt find it

anyway, i recently tried a 6505 and the cleans really didnt seem horribly bad. However, this was at a pretty low volume so i was wondering, if you began to turn the amp louder would the tubes breakup and basically make the cleans more like a gain channel (no matter how low the pre-amp gain was?)

I've yet to try the +version, but im assuming it will have better cleans at low and higher volumes (given what i've read about them)

Hope that all makes sense.
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it will still be "clean", but don't expect fender cleans.

the cleans will also be affected by how hard your pick attack is
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definetly not expecting fender cleans!
nah, i know these amps have a reputation for not having the best cleans

i didnt think the pick attack would make THAT much of a difference, like gain/clean wise
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