Hey guys I was just wondering this, because I know normally guitar center doesn't usually sell ESP guitars, but at the beginning of this year they had the M-1000 (it could've been something else) on their website but only for a short time. Now they have the Alexi-600. I really would love for them to start carrying them because they seem to stock way more guitars than the Sam Ash around here, and I'm really considering going ESP/LTD for my next guitar (EC-1000 in green = uber sexy).

Just wondering, maybe they're trying to integrate them into the system to see how well they sell or something?
They've actually BEEN selling ESP's. You just had to ask them to order them from the factory and just pay the normal price.
Maybe because they probably didnt sell as much and GC didnt bother to restock them.

Most likely they are publicly stocking them again to test them out, as ESP's have definitely gained popularity over the past few years.
well my friend has an uncle who is the district manager for 5 GC's in Texas.
He says that musicians friend and guitar center are sister companies.
So im guessing that the ESP's were selling very well on MF and GC decided to start stocking them.
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Hmmm... Well never the less I really hope they start to stock them, because I really don't want to order my next guitar * and with the fact that they seem to stock an ENDLESS amount of guitars that would make my guitar-buying experience much smoother lol

*from where I live the closest guitar center/sam ash is about 50 miles, and gas is expensive, then if I got it shipped to me cool but if there was something wrong with it I'd be screwed out of a ton of shipping and time
If you have no way of getting one at GC, just get one from Musician's Friend or Sweetwater. I've heard good things from people who ordered them online. As long as you have actually physically played the guitar you want, buying online is fine. Buying without any physical experience is very risky.
They dont stock them apparently because ESP doesnt sell in bulk enough for gc to buy it from them. This being what i was told by the guitar guy at my GC.