I am a beginner using an Ibanez RG470 with a very basic low quality practice amp. I would like to get a more substantial amp. I do not particularly intend to gig but would like to crank it and jam with other instruments. I would like an all round amp that is versatile enough to play most styles (sounds such as Zeppelin, Muse, Hendrix, Skynryd, Offspring, Chilli's). I would also like it to suit clean blues tones (e.g. Dire Straits).

My budget is approximately £300-£400. I would like an all valve combo amp. Please could you recommend any that you have played. Also I would just like to check if it is ok to use an all-valve amp for practicing? (i.e will switching it on and of regularly damage the valves)

Information is greatly appreciated,

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Looking for a decent practice amp.
make sure it's all tube, check out laney's
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Yeah, a Peavey Classic 30, or a Fender Deluxe. I don't know about the Peavey, but as a Fender Twin owner, and former Blues Jr. owner, I'd recommend getting a Big Muff or Fuzz Face or something to go with a Fender amp. Still, I got the Twin in November and still haven't purchased a fuzz pedal, so I guess they're not too light sounding. All I know is that the Blues Jr. was extremely plain and one dimensional (but that's what it's marketed as), and I think the Deluxe is of the same breed.
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