I was looking to buy a Big Muff USA and a Pro Co rat2. I went to my local music store, they didn't had any of those but they showed me the Digitech Df-7 wich has the rat 2 and big muff.

My question is : What are the pros and the cons of getting separate stompbox or getting the digitech with all those famous effect pedals inside ?

Does the digitech sound as good as the originals stompboxes ?

I could get the rat2 for 120 $ and the Muff for 90 $ + 10 $ shipping + taxes
The digitech pedal at store for 150 $
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because with getting them in one, you sacrifice quality and precision
It's pretty good quality, the only downside is that you can only use one model at a time.
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I personally own the pedal and i wasnt to impressed with its models. The only usuable one i could find was 5 setting. I thought it didnt have any good tone at all. But thats my opinion. Id personally buy both pedals, but why do you need two distortion pedals? Also my DF-7 died on me for no reason, but i could have gotten a dud. So seperate stompboxes ftw in the end.
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