So I have this Jackson guitar that is a gun metal gray color but I don't know what kind of jackson it is. The headstock is quite different and says jackson on it. The headstock looks like headstock from a KV2T King V (http://jacksonguitar.com/products/search.php?partno=2803041876), but my guitar isn't a flying v type of guitar. My guitar has 22 frets and a floyd rose tremelo system. with 1 volume knob and 2 tone knobs with a 5-way selector. the pickup setup is h-s-h. My serial number is 500387. If someone could help me in finding what kind of guitar this is. That would be great. Someone told me it was an older model of a soloist guitar, but I'm not totally sure on it.
Offhand, it sounds like a Stealth with the Smurf hat headstock and pickup config. Is the body a carved top. Btw, a Soloist would make it neckthru.
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Got to looking; if it's a Stealth, the extra knob is aftermarket. Is the jack on the frotn like an Ibanez Saber? If not it could be a modified Super Dinky