yea pretty much i want my strings to bend easier...they used to bend nicer when my guitar was brand new...its an eipphone les paul standard and its not very old maybe a year or two...anyways i use ernie ball super slinkys the purple pack...it alomst seems like it they used to play nicer and it seems like my action got higher by itself...is that even possible? anyways some adivce would be cool..
change your strings? and your using the purple ones, the power slinky?
if i were you, i have a les paul 100, and i use the super slinky's. go for those instead.
get D'Addario XL's
& alter your action
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Uhm, reinforce your bends. Don't bend with one finger. Use your middle and index to help bend the note to the desired pitch. Trust me, I used to bend with 1 finger and uh... things got much easier after learning reinforced bending.
get scalloped frets.
I was playing the yngwie malmsteen signature
and i could almost bend the high e off the low end of the fret board
yea im not really a beginner player...i always bend with more then one finger...i just put strings on brand new and they just seem kinda tight..and they are the super slinkys the pink pack actually not purple
Quote by Concisus
get scalloped frets.
I was playing the yngwie malmsteen signature
and i could almost bend the high e off the low end of the fret board

Oh hell yeah, that helps too. That guitar is sleek, eh?

Now if you want optimal bending, follow the other advice, but scallop your frets too. Although, it takes time to get used to.
Just on a side note.. Super Slinky strings come in a pink pack, not purple. Power Slinky strings come in the purple pack

Anyway, yeah, reinforce the bends so you're using 2/3 fingers, and try new strings if you'd like
Yeah, if the action raised itself, tighten the truss rod.

If you're using super slinky's (0.9 right?) then your wouldn't need to change strings.

Reinforced bending FTW!
yea i think it must be the action because i almost always bend with 3 fingers...unless its the truss rod
Did you leave yourself enough string allowance when restringing? If you don't have a little excess, it could make your strings too taut and probably result in extremely hard playing, and shortly after, breakage.
Buy a guitar with shorter scale length...

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if youre rich get the malmsteen strat haha
if not then erm ....new strings
gibson sg i think you might be right about leaving enough extra slack...i might just restring it..thanks though
ya, i've had the same problem w/ not leaving enough slack.
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