Not sure if this would go under any of the forums, but the band I'm in has a situation. Our rhythm guitarist (added a couple months ago, not my idea) is not working out for us. His guitar sounds extremely bad, he gets off time, and isn't contributing in a good way. We haven't practiced in over a month, compared to every week, so we wanna give him one last chance to see if he's improved next time we have a band practice. The problem is that he's a really good friend to all of us, and we want to make sure he knows that it's nothing personal or anything, just that he isn't good for our sound. Any advice?
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I guess there's no choice. You're going to have to kill him.
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I let my member go sometimes, ifyouknowwhatimean

Boot him.
i thought this was in response to the "fingers or penis" thread.

let him go if the band agrees.
just tell him the truth. thats all you can say.
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yeah i guess you should boot him
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depends, i'd only kick someone if they were worthless to me, if it's a friendship band, just support each other.

if you really wanna get serious about being in a band, form another side project.
im in the same situation.... does anyone have any serious advice?

We've told him "Look, your cool, but we need someone who can commit". However, every time he just says, "ok ok, i'll learn the stuff".... but it never happens... This has been going on for a month.
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If it's a good friendship, they'll understand. Just tell him he's got a chance to come back if he get's better. Then don't take him back.