Hey guys,
For a long time I've been wanting to install new pickups on my guitar, and I was wondering with all the information that they give you (output, dc resistance, wiring type) matters, are they like specifications my guitar has to meet. Like will some pickups not work on my guitar? Keep in mind, i'm talking about passive pups now...thanks.
No, they aren't requirements for your guitar.

DC resistance is just a measure of the resistance of the coils, output is usually stated as the inductance of the coils, and four conductor wiring allows you to split the pickup.
All pickups will work on any guitar, obviously a humbucker will need a humbucker rout, and a single will look odd on a humbucker rout.

Wiring types just offer different options to do with them, single coils are all generally 2 wire, as you can't do anything els with them. humbuckers have 4 or 5 so they can have fancy wiring like coil splitting, and phase reversal.

A high output pickup is usually used for distortion, heavy music
Low out put is for good cleans. This is just a general rule though.

if you want too look at some wiring diagrams check out

give you an idea about 2 wire + 4 wire, and different amounts of tone + volume knobs etc