So I changed the strings on my guitar a week ago with D'addarios .10-.46. The very next day the low E string begins to sound very dull and now all the strings sound like they've been on for months. I've been playing D'addarios for a while and this has never been a problem, so did I just get a dud set or is their factory having problems?
i never really did like them to begin with...it seemed every set i got beginned to sound terrible after a week of light playing so i switched to ernie balls and never looked back
I think their having problems. I've had to change strings on my acoustic 3 times in the last month (all di addarios) It might be a problem with the nut for my high E string, but they shouldnt be breaking like that, or going dead like you said yours did.
I had the same problem recently with Daddario's. I bought a limited edition tin box of Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys and have been really impressed with tone and durability so far.
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D'Addario has never been my first choice at all. I stick to Ernie Ball Stainless Steel slinkies because they sound brighter for a longer period of time. They won't be as bright as a fresh set of nickel strings, but they still have a nice steel tone to them.
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go with DR or Ernie Ball for strings
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It seems like they are having some kind of problem then. I might change string brands for a while then but definitely not to Ernie Ball, I used those before the D'addarios.
E-mail D'addario about it and ask. I had this problem with one set of strings and they sent me a free package.
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