What do you have to leave binding soaking in, to give a binding cement? I need a solvent that will break the binding down, then form an emulsion with it :\

Edit: Anything that's acetone-based? So, paint thinner?
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isnt it just superglued to the body? thats what it looks like in the youtube video of perry?!?! may not be, but it looks like it.

Thank you please.
Yep, most people just superglue it to the body/fingerboard, which is what I did... but you can also make up a cement/putty for filling gaps, corners, and tidying up joins.

I'll just try paint thinner, then report back!
ah. i see.

what about the old superglue and dust/wood shavings of whatever you are trying to fill?
Thank you please.
Here is how I prepare binding paste:

Cut the binding into little pieces using snippers, put them into a glass container that has an airtight cover and then pour a little acetone on them. Stir it every 10 minutes or so until all of the pieces "melt". Keep it covered when not stiring or using - it will harden quickly. If it is too thick, add a few more drops of acetone, if it is too thin add some more binding. It should be about the consistency of white carpenters glue. I usually prebend the binding to the general shape of the channel. Then "paint" the a generous amount of the binding paste into the binding channel, about 8 inches at a time, press the binding I press the binding into the channel and tape it tightly in place with lots of tape. The binding paste is great, it fills in any cracks (if you use enough) and makes for a seamless binding.