I've been working in a tire factory for the last 2 months like crazy, trying to pay off college loans and anyways, I was thinking, I'd love to get into trucking instead. I've heard it pays very well (one guy told me his dad made about $90,000 a year doing it), and I like the idea of just driving around for hours, going to new places, listening to music on the way etc... sounds better than doing the same bullshit over and over for 12 hours .

How long does "training" take to complete? Is it hard? Once I have certification is it pretty easy to get a job as a trucker? What does it involve?
You need a CDL, and a truck.

I'd say Google CDL and Owner-operator laws and stuff in your area. It varies.

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Im trying to figure out a lot of this as well. I drive a 20 foot straight truck to New York from PA, and it really is a blast. Driving a truck, even a straight truck (not cab over, a real truck), is a LOT different than driving a car. Car drivers dont realize how slow you really have to take a corner to prevent doing a dukes of hazzard and being on your side.

My work will teach me how to drive the semi trucks, all I need is a CDL permit.

You can either go to school, and get your certs that way, or get someone to teach you and take the tests at the DMV. It does involve a lot of driving, which sometimes gets boring and tiring without a good stereo. Only fell asleep at the wheel once, but the rumble strips wake you up REAL quick. Plus, dont think that you only have to drive. You also have to load and unload your own cargo, depening on who you work for, or deliver to. Plus, the more your not on the road, the more money you loose. I think my boss said I get 25% of every load, which kind of bites when your hauling cattle. I guess ill take it as it comes.

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If your into being away from your home, friends, family, and musical instruments for weeks at a time. Then go for it man its not hard to be a trucker