ok i am out of shape and a little over weight and i wanna change that. i just got a new mountain bike for my birthday and i got 15 lb dumbells. using those and basic stuff like push ups and sit ups can someone make me out a routine or list of exercises that can help me gain strenght and lose weight. can u also tell how much and how long i should do everything
to loose the weight, run, and bike, alot

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change it up too... like bike alot for maybe 1 to 2 weeks, then like lift, situps and pushups another 2 weeks, etc
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When I was younger, I was pretty obese. I'm in pretty darn good shape now through a simple matter of relatively healthy eating, exercise, and CONSISTENCY. I don't really know what to recommend as far as gaining strength (do you mean muscle mass?).

All that I really do is push ups, sit ups (don't give yourself a set amount; do them until you can't),and I almost always go for at least a 5k run before bed at night.

I'm not really sure what's more important to you... but as far as weight loss is concerned, you should really do the whole biking/running more than lifting weights. Just do your best. I wish you success.
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Try doing at least 25 push ups and like 50-60 sit ups a day. If you can't consistently do it, adjust the numbers and work your way up.

Running is definitly good for losing weight. I dunno a good distance, maybe a mile a day to start out.

And then with the dumbells you could do curls, shrugs, and chest flies to build some upper body strength.

EDIT: yea he (guy above me) might be right about not setting a limit for push ups/sit ups. And I forgot about the bike, definitly get on that thing.
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i ordered p90x last week....im hopng that will help me get into awesome shape
Bike or run for about an hour a day, and lift at 10x3 reps or more a day. You'll wanna buy more weights as time goes on.
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go to the gym and do cardio.
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Isn't there already a thread for this?
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don't do sit ups till you can't, your not doing anything but building endurance. if you want to gain mass and get bigger, do weighted sit ups and do maybe 3 or 4 reps of maybe 25.

as for losing weight, cardio, cardio, cardio. run till you can't anymore, and eat healthy
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ok is there like certain days i should do one thing then the next do another. i dont know if you know what im talking about