What's a good song that is/looks difficult (but nothing impossibly hard)? I want to show off some on my last day of school
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look up andy mckee

but that may fit your definition of impossible...
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If all you want to do is impress (I assume) non-guitarists, just pick somthing like Wonderwall.

If you want to impress a guitarist, play somthing you like with conviction. Otherwise you're gonna look like a douche.
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Play what you love, love what you play
Ummm depends how much time your have, as bite the bullet stated Andy mckee is good he has a song drifting that looks impossible but isn't at all it will just take is a long time to get down. I've been playing for idk maybe 2 years and I got it, but my problem was I used the tabs on ug and they were pretty terrible, Download Tuxguitar and then get the guitarpro tab/powertab what ever is top rated on this site those are better and listen to the song none stop. I learned the song but my Timing is way the off.

PS dont worry about the slapping if your in a hurry.
If you want to impress play something your know and could play with your eyes close but play it with confidence, lots of it. Lots of songs are insanely easy but when you jump around stage and it sounds good and clean its awesome.
Master the song. After you learn how to play all of the notes without messing up or stopping is when you truly begin to develop the song. Develop the feel of the song so it doesn't sound like a machine spat it out like a player piano does with its music. Oh, and try to pick a finger-picking song. Strumming is too easy in my opinion.