the story short
my teacher is look for an electric upright to play but here in peru(our country) is very hard to find these kind of instrument so he is bringing it from other country(wich one?, well it depends on money)

so i found this for him
but i know dean is not famous for making great basses and he cant try the instrument before buying it
is this a good bass? any other suggestion in the same price range
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i hear you cant bow it well, since there isn't much interest in EUB there isn't a lot of cheap ones that are good, you could always try buying a bass fingerboard and nut online or from a local luthier and making the body yourself which doesn't affect the sound much so if it doesn't look great, then . . . oh well
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You don't want that bass. It's a 35" scale upright. It sounds and plays like a fretless electric - period.

Now, uprights of any kind are a pricey business. You will not get a decent electric for under a grand production-line. The eBay stuff (Palatino, Santini) play well but have some crappy parts (electronics, etc), but the best EUB for a decent price is simply the NS Designs WAV4. It's about a grand. End of.

Now, if and when I get one of these, I'll check out Ergo instruments. They make great looking and sounding (check YouTube) electric uprights made to order for a decent price. Check them out.

Keep in mind thought - electric uprights sound like **** for pizz playing. They really do. Arco is great, and more convincing, but pizz on EUBs ends up either sounding like a fretless electric or piezo hell.
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